Tuesday, July 28, 2009

CC Pena Blanca's Building Project

Part of our ministry in Honduras will be to serve CC Pena Blanca by contributing to the ongoing building project!

Currently the Church has dirt floors, but God willing by the end of next week we will have...
1. Brought in countless wheelbarrow loads of dirt to level the floor
2. Mixed (By hand), poured (i.e. filled up and pushed wheelbarrows), and finished more concrete than an entire concrete truck could deliver

It is now the rainy season, and one of our projects is to figure out how to deal with the incredible amount of water that runs down the dirt road and through the Church property. Our job will be to put together and execute a plan to divert the runoff away from the Church building and if possible, the entire property. We've agreed to hire a man who owns a piece of earth moving equipment to spend 2-3 days working on this project. God has provided the finances, pray that He gives us the practical wisdom to get this project finished.
The team from Pastor Gary's Church in Abq tackled this problem last week. During the spring storms this tree fell on the newly constructed Children's building. The Abq team were able to lay 9 more courses of block, and if we are able to lay 2 more (God willing) we'll begin constructing the roof.

Pray for strength....

Pastor Randy

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