Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Returning Home

Hi Everyone,

Pastor Randy called yesterday with a quick update, again unable to get internet access. He called while the team was preparing to do their last outreach. One thing he mentioned was that the dramas were extremely effective in presenting the gospel to the Hondurans. Many of the people have limited or no reading skills. Being able to see the message of the gospel was so much more powerful than trying to read it or just hear someone else read it. They had an enormous response from the drama presentations, and many people were surprised because they had never seen a team present the gospel message this way before.

He also called the church office to let us all know that barring any major problems in San Pedro Sula, they expected to have no trouble getting on the plane this afternoon. I thought for the very eager, you might enjoy watching their progress over the Gulf of Mexico and into Atlanta.

Continue to pray for travel mercies and opportunities to share as they return. Pray for their bodies, as I'm sure they're all exhausted. I'm looking forward to the next update to be from Pastor Randy, saying they're home!

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